Every Rock- A Story

Every Rock- A Story

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Amongst the Yangtze

Amongst the Yangtze I feel sunlight, a hum of the forest breaks down the barrier that is capturing my thoughts. The return of Spring will also rise and greet anyone who is willing, to greet him. Legends declare my future, but I heard the decree- and my road shall split. Keep my hills and streams close at heart, but do not allow the smell of the city to make it here to the garden. What form is broken?

Thursday, March 29, 2012

swallowing the sun

becoming more, or less

seek the cave, and the ridge

putting the next step forward

this is the path I go
the way.

my way is not your way

chopping wood, blinking
the unconsciousness.

In love with man and spirit-

The tower of my spirit becomes-
brighter as I swallow the sun.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Victory Garden

On a grey afternoon,
I put myself into the car
though after it started,
I wished for the blue bicycle.

The clouds were high
as the wind roared its motor.

I passed fields, homes, and a row of fences.
Dogs were out looking for me-
speaking to one another.

I caught the rhythm-
stretched in it.

A farmer was off to give the cattle food,
as I slowed my wheels.

The grey afternoon was different for all
who lived it.

Not like any other day,
and yet, it was.

The schools were closed,
but the buses passed me by.

As the last thought occurred to me,
as I saw the sign reading-
"Victory Garden."

"I wish I would have taken the blue bike,"
as I hummed.